Case Management is a comprehensive program that includes assessment and referral services. We assist adults and children in everyday functioning and recovery by providing links for medical care and social supports.

We offer GROUP THERAPY OPTIONS as well as counseling and family psychotherapy. We help assist clients to become healthier and functional.

We offer board certified psychiatric services for children and adults by giving short-term and long-term options. Case management can link you to medical services for medication management as well.

We offer Substance Use Disorder Services, Family Outreach Services, Emergency Services, Deaf and DeafBlind Services, Children Services, and Intensive Outpatient services listed below.

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Intensive Outpatient Options

(other than Group Therapy)


Program for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness

Serves adults experiencing homelessness who may have behavioral health concerns including co-occurring substance abuse concerns.

PATH assists individuals with getting connected to behavioral health/substance abuse services, assists with finding housing options, linking with community resources and coordinating with local agencies to assist individuals with a transition to housing.

CONTACT: PATH Worker (540) 213-7347




Provides networking to the Veterans  

   Administration (VA) system for Veterans         and their families.

• Advocates for Veterans and their families.

• Provides support to Veterans and their 


• Supports CSB involvement with state and 

   regional legislative endeavors that support 

   Veterans and their families.

• Connects Veterans and their families with 

   resources and outside organizations.

Veteran Peer Support



ACT (Assertive Community Treatment Team) provides intensive behavioral health interventions to adults who have a frequent and/or lengthy history of psychiatric hospitalizations due to challenges controlling symptoms of Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder and Bi-Polar Disorder, and who also have a history of challenges tending to their basic needs while living in the community. Services are comprehensive in scope.

CONTACT: ACT Team Supervisor (540) 886-7100

ACT Brochure

Please click for Postpartum Support Information