Medicaid now covers Substance Use Treatments! Inquire today!

Valley Community Service Board is pleased to be able to provide a robust level of Substance Use Treatments and Case Management. The SUIOP (Level 2.1), SUOP structured groups (Level 1), and SU Case Management, now include a new evidence-based, Interactive Journaling modality, to meet the various needs of the client population. These services are now covered by Medicaid as of April 1, 2017. VCSB Substance Use (SU) treatment providers have all attended the required ASAM trainings and have been utilizing ASAM assessment criteria for completing SU assessments. We offer self-pay arrangements for those who do not have insurance. We are happy to remain available to field any questions any may have regarding our new IOP program. Please contact Valley Community Service Board at 540 887-3200 to inquire about the treatments.

Services For Children

Counseling and Treatment includes individual and family therapy for substance using youth and/or children or adolescents whose parents use or abuse substances. Additional services offered include substance abuse evaluations, substance abuse groups for adolescents, and coordination with court services.

Child and Adolescent Services Brochure

Children's Crisis Service

Prevention Services offers a broad array of substance abuse prevention and mental health promotion activities, for populations across the lifespan. To learn about our Prevention Services, please read the brochure below or visit our Prevention Services page here.

Substance Use Prevention Services Brochure

It's Your Health!

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Services for Adults

Standard Treatment includes individual and group sessions and focuses on addiction, family, healthy expression of feelings, relapse warning signs, and the ongoing recovery process. Family participation is an expectation.

Intensive Treatment is for those who have shown a need for more intense assistance.

Social Support helps individuals readjust to life sober. Goals include identifying relapse risk and dealing with life challenges and decisions.

Gender specific services including individual and group services that have been adapted to address issues specific to women. Services include the role of relationships, parenting, childcare, sexual and physical trauma. Pregnant women who are registered and enrolled in the agency, especially those in need of substance abuse treatment will receive treatment priority and be admitted into treatment within 48 hours of their request.

Pregnant and Parenting Women: Substance Use Prevention and Treatment